My Favourite 10 ?

I was doing a little re-organisation of my Lightroom library the other day, which then had me delving into the archives. The cleaning task was soon forgotten,  instead, I spent several hours reminiscing over images from the past few years.

Looking through all of the images in my library, taken with the X100T (several thousand), I decided to pick out 10 of my favourite and now having lived with these for a few days I realise my love of them is less about photographic perfection, instead, more about capturing the moment.

The X100T has certainly allowed me to do that, and indeed in doing so has almost become an extension of myself.

Here’s the next several thousand images with my all-time favourite Fujifilm Camera.

Are We Really Evolving ?
Are we really evolving ? 
2018 La Liga Football Sevilla v Real Betis Jan 6th
Sunday mornings at Port Moon
Stories from the stand #34
Peak … 
Stairway to heaven … 
Rome at night 
Of Bikes and Bothies
The Crossing
The Crossing 

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