The Bumpy Crossing to Inishtrahull

Quite often my wife will tell me that she has booked a trip or event. I half take in the details and move on with whatever I was doing. Normally closer to the event (aka the morning of the event) I then quiz her about the finer details ,only to discover (again) that she doesn’t really know.

It’s a Basking Shark Trip, she informs me. We may spend a bit of time on an island. I think we get a cup of tea.

And so to Portstewart Harbour on a wet and blustery day to meet with the folks from Aquaholics. I already had an idea (given the conditions) that our time out on the water wouldn’t be the smoothest and sure enough, we had only just left the tranquil waters of the harbour when the boat lurched from side to side (and up and down and back up again).

Not normally a fan of open water, I settled pretty quickly. The same however cannot be said for Nicola who immediately turned a rather pale colour (she would later inform me that she was terrified from start to finish). Still of we went in search for Seabirds, seals and of course Basking Sharks.

** Spolier Alert ***

Zero Basking Sharks to be seen …. although I can’t say I was surprised given this was our second (or was that third) all day boat adventure looking for them with zero sightings so far. We did see a couple of sunfish, seals, seabirds (including a couple of Arctic Skuas).

Crazy Fact – did you know if a Basking Shark accidentally swallowed you, you would get stuck in its blow hole. 

Our time on Inishtrahull however was magical. I love places like this. Cut away from the mainland with limited (we were there only folks on the island) footfall. The island left pretty much to its own devices. Nature doing what it does best. I hear a lady stayed on here for 3 months a few years ago.

Anyway, the crossing back over to Portstewart wasn’t as rough as the outward journey and we made good time. Even Nicola seemed to regain some of her colour.

A few images from the day. As always jpegs straight from camera with minimal adjustments in post.

Perhaps next time we will see the Basking Sharks …


* this may or may not be true … 


One thought on “The Bumpy Crossing to Inishtrahull

  1. Ah, no basking sharks but I can never see too many lighthouse photos, just love them!

    I think I’d be as queasy as Nicola, poor thing! I do like that photo of the fishing boat.


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