A Recon on the Causeway Coastal Path

As soon as my feet touched down in Portrush back in January I already knew one of the walks I wanted to do in 2016 – the Causeway Coastal Path.

In terms of distance (33 miles) it perhaps could be seen as one of the little brothers in the family of long distance walking routes. Still the route goes right past our front door so there shouldn’t be an excuse for grabbing our walking boots, the waterproofs (it is Ireland after-all) and a large bag of trail mix.

As yet we have yet to complete the whole walk in a single blast (our plan is to do it over 2 days) but we have explored a number of the sections already as individual days out.

As a child I visited this area with my parents on summer holidays but of course the level of exploration normally stopped around Castlerock in one direction and the Giants Causeway in the other.

I’m loving exploring the coast and the Path is perfect for both shorter bimbles over an afternoon, or indeed what we plan to do in August, the full 33 miles.

As always the Fujifilm X100T was with me on this particular section between Dunseverick Harbour and Portbradden Harbour. (not the first time I’ve traversed that particular section)

A selection of the images from that day … The Fuji X100T is the perfect camera for days like this. All jpeg with minimal to zero post processing … Classic Chrome Film simulation used throughout ..



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