My Bothy Face (Part1)

A weekend away in the mountains with friends, new and old. A few days at the UCI World Cup in Fort William, followed by two days in the saddle myself following a Tour of Ben Nevis (including an overnight Bothy stay) Here are some images from the World Champs.

For me, only the second time doing some proper mountain biking routes. Some video highlights of the trip can be seen here. (note I’m the orange beacon that appears at various point in the video .. at least the rescue helicopter could spot my lycra clad heap should I need a pickup)

That feeling of freedom on a bike, especially with panniers attached, as I rolled of the Ferry (surprisingly on both crossings the only person with a bike) is hard to put into words, but certainly want to experience a heck of a lot more.

Was great to share this trip with good friend Alistair. It had been a while since we did anything together quite so tough. (still to this day our run around Arran remains one of my favourite outdoor adventures).

Packing light(*) meant the Fuji X100T was the perfect companion for a trip like this. All images are jpeg from camera with either the Classic Chrome or B+W film simulation applied.

Here’s to the next one I say …

His Bothy Face
His Bothy Face
Packing Essentials 
First Climb Out of Fort William
Go on a bike ride they said … would be fun they said 
Pushing Upward / Onward 
Even Storm Troppers need a break 
So of course first thing we did was …. 
Prepared for rain 
The lesser known sport of bike walking … 

A small selection of the images from the weekend .. Will put together a second blog with a few more in the coming days ….

* okay there is packing light and then there is how I packed which err .. wasn’t !



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