Back to Co.Donegal

Third visit to Co.Donegal in the past 6 weeks (one of the previous trips here). Stunning place full of fantastic wild places. This time we headed a bit further south locating ourselves at the foot of Errigal, the highest mountain in the County.

Mixed weather with bright blue sky, glorious evening light, sideways rain and low cloud cover. As always a first trip to a new place is more of a recon exercise and I’m already looking forward to going back.

As always the Fujifilm X100T came along and proved a very useful companion, especially on our climb up the mountain. Twas my first time climbing a proper mountain and I have to admit I’m already hooked. Can’t wait to head back up again and of course already scouring over OS maps looking for other view points.

I also had with me the XT1 + 18-135 and this combined with the X100T was the perfect combination for a tough climb. All of the images on here are from the X100T, jpeg with various film simulations.

Hope you enjoy.



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