Foggy Scrabo Tower

I headed out on Friday morning for a photo shoot at Scrabo Tower, just outside of Comber in Co.Down, Northern Ireland. It was still dark as I made my way up the initial climb but could see the summit, 160m above sea level, was already shrouded in freezing mist and fog.

I almost turned on my heels and headed back down as I knew then that there would be very little sun breaking through to illuminate the Tower itself. I also hadn’t packed (I’m down visiting my parents for a few days) my winter photography gear and could already feel the cold penetrating my jacket. Still, onwards and upwards. Coffee in hand.

Finding composition was rather fun as combined with the darkness the mist was making it very difficult to spot the odd frozen puddle which also seemed to be positioned close to a sheer drop. Nice how they combined like that.

Trying to find a composition 

I tried recording some video for the blog but the iPhone, after only about 15 minutes, had had enough and decided to go to sleep, only wakening up again once we were back at home in the warm. It may be time to start shooting with the GoPro for my Vlogs.

I really loved some of the patterns on the ice, and indeed on the rocks which were certainly worth shooting by themselves. This is why I love the Fuji X100T. While I have the XE2 setup for the main shooting I can wander around the location and shoot the finer details.

Ice Ice Baby …. 

I had the film simulation set to Classic Chrome and this combined with the White Balance I was using produced a rather pleasing (to me anyways) pink/purple hue. This is actually quite close to how the scene would light up as the sun poked through moments of thiner mist to the East.

All in all a very enjoyable morning and one in which I think I’ve come away with perhaps one or two images from the XE2 (+10-24mm lens) which may just work. If any do they will make it onto my main blog.

The Frost Helping Out With Leading Lines

Have a great weekend everyone


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