The Big Move (Part 2)

See Part 1 here.

And so it’s less than 2 weeks until we shall call Portrush home. All of our stuff is moved in, although at the moment just sitting around in quite a few boxes, bags and cases. I worked out that I own or packed about 10% of the things we have brought across. The rest, well yes you guessed it, was loaded by the significant other (and by significant I mean a significant amount of stuff)

First job will be to see how much of this stuff I can set afloat in the sea never to be seen again. Perhaps someone in Iceland will find it washed up on the beach at Vik and make use of it. One can only hope.

Right, enough rambling. Time for a few more images from my few days across last week, all shot as always with the most excellent Fuji X100T. All on jpeg settings.

Causeway Selfie
Great place for a #Selfie
Rainbow surfing 
East Strand dreaming 
Typical day on the Strand 
Natures lines in the sand 

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